Formulation of the Client's Problems: A Case Study

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1. Formulation of the Client's Problems Precipitating, Perpetuating and Predisposing Factors The client in this case, Daniel, has quite a few problems. Many of his problems are explicit and easy to identify. Some, however are more hidden and require good questions to reveal their true nature. The first step in any Cognitive Behavior Therapy model requires the therapist to identify the problems correctly in order to successfully remedy the issues. Daniel has suffered much trauma in his life. The premature death of his sister due to asthma is a very pronounced issue in forming and maintaining his drug habit. Daniel appears to be addicted to drugs and chemicals that relieve his stress and put him in a state of relaxation. The need to relax and take it easy is not a problem in and of itself however, his methods of self-medication are taking a toll on his life. Daniel is still in his mid twenties and has already served a 16 month jail sentence for his illegal activities revolving around his desire to get high. This jail sentence seems to be the most telling problem of all the issues he has displayed. This situational problem reveals his current status while also revealing his past misdeeds culminating in a perfect storm of unhealthy living. Daniel does not socialize very successfully highlighting his interpersonal problems most profoundly. His girlfriend has recently kicked him out of her life even though he believes that she loves him while he claims he still loves her
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