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During the Great Depression a group of young people formed the Los Angeles Science Fiction League. They were know as the Dream Pioneers, because they encouraged people to openly share their ideas of exploring the solar system, extraterrestrials and let their dreams run free. Outsiders thought members of this league were peculiar, because they talked about outrageous things, such as, mars, the moon, space platforms, and giant mirrors being focused down on the earth. Forrest Ackerman was a member of the league. He had a lot of enthusiasm for his field of science fiction and without him science fiction probably would have never existed. He was born in Los Angeles on November 24, 1916. His grandfather George Herbert Wyman and his grandmother Belle developed Forry’s imagination. They would read him ghost stories and tales of the fantastic. They would draw…show more content…
The first year, on his own, he did not do very well, but the second year Ray Bradbury and Young Asimov began letting him resell their stories overseas for translation. Frank Darabont, who directed well know features, was significantly influenced by Forrest J. Ackerman and Ray Bradbury. Frank as a young boy read “Famous Monster” written by Ackerman and this was a huge influence on Frank. He said, “It embraced all fantasy, horror, and science fiction in a way that was different than other magazines at the time.
Ackerman is one of the world’s most ardent fans, film historian, and collector extraordinaire of the science fiction and horror genre. He has an extraordinary collection at the Acker- mansion, also known as the Hollywood Hills mansion. It has 300,000 magazines, hard covers, pocketbooks, lobby cards, posters, stills, and paintings. Over 50,000 people have seen this since the mansion was opened to the public in 1951. Ackerman has one of the largest collections of fantasy literature in the

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