Forrest Gump And The Vietnam War Analysis

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Forrest Gump and the Vietnam War Forrest Gump brings hilarious moments of a disabled boy, and the horrific events that took place during the Vietnam war. It expresses the beginning, the middle, and the end of the war in enough detail to show an audience a true experience. With Forrest Gump being such an amazing film, you must wonder what is the message. Why is the Vietnam war being shown with the mind and person of Forrest? The exact reason why is unknown, but you can be assured, there is a time in which our history of this era must begin, and it begins with Forrest Gump. From dancing to fighting, and to entrepreneurship, Forrest creates an unimaginable legacy. As a boy, Forrest was disabled, and had no use of his legs. Over time and time again from running from bullies, he finally had decided to run, and boy did he begin to run. Forest ran so fast that his braces flew from his legs. Bits and pieces from his contraption fell, but he continued to run. Now that he is able to run, he begins to learn to dance! His dancing skills may have not seemed the best to the ordinary eye, but to a particular star, it would be the best thing he has ever seen. While young Forrest danced, he was met by a man at his boarding home named Elvis Presley. The King of Rock himself has arrived, and was looking for a new style of dance. As Elvis played the guitar, Forrest began to dance in a way that struck Elvis upside the head. Elvis noticed these moves and began to create his own version of these

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