Forrest Gump Film Analysis

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Forrest Gump is a movie that was released in the summer of 1994 and is based on a novel by the same name that was written by Winston Groom almost a decade earlier in 1986. The movie was directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Paramount Pictures. The film features Tom Hanks as the main character Forrest Gump who is a slow-witted character but also has a heart of gold and is extremely courageous. The supporting cast consists of Gary Sinise (Lt. Dan), Robin Wright (Forrest’s mother) , Sally Field(Jenny) , Mykelti Williamson (Bubba), among others. In this critique I will be summarizing the plot and analyzing what I liked and disliked about the movie and whether it stands the test of time.
The movie begins with Forrest Gump waiting at a bus stop and starting a friendly conversation with a stranger sitting next to him. He begins to tell his life story and drops one of the most famous lines in film history, “My Momma always said, ‘life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”. This line would be the whole focus of the movie as you will see what Forrest Gump has experienced and accomplished in his life up to that point, as well as the many important figures he had crossed paths with. Early on in life Forrest was often bullied at school for his curved spine and his low intelligence. On his first day of school in 1950s Greenbow, Alabama, Forrest meets a girl named Jenny Curran who becomes Forrest’s only friend and later he would develop a crush for
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