Forrest Gump Film Analysis

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Forrest Gump is the type of movie that everyone needs to see. The movie of Forrest Gump starts in 1981, when a stranger sits next to him at a bus stop. That is when Forrest (Tom Hanks) begins to tell his life story. It all starts in the 1950s when Forrest is a young boy. He lives in Greenbow, Alabama and on the first day of school he meets a girl names Jenny Curran (Robin Wright). He does not have many friends because he has to wear leg braces to correct his curved spine. He always has a learning disability. One day he is getting chased by bullies and he starts running and the leg braces fall off, revealing that Forrest is very fast. Later on, he receives a football scholarship to play at Alabama. In 1960, he becomes one of the top running…show more content…
Lieutenant Dan decides to join Forrest in the shrimping business. At first they were not having an success, but hurricane Carmen hit and they were the only boat to survive. They begin to pull in huge amounts of shrimp. With all their money from the shrimping they purchase a fleet of shrimp boats. Lieutenant Dan makes the wise decision to invest money in the apple computer. With that Forrest his set for the rest of his life, but he gives half of his money to Bubba's family. His family was a low income family, and now they were also set for life. He then decided to head home after he gets the news that his mother is sick. His mother has cancer and dies a few weeks after he returns home.

One day as he is mowing the lawn he notices Jenny. He later proposes to her and he declines. Forrest loves Jenny, and Jenny loves him too, but she had some issue in the past. She didn't think she was good enough for him since he was so innocent compared to her. The next morning Jenny is gone and Forrest is heartbroken. So he decides to go for a run. He runs across the country and he becomes famous for it. After he gets home from his run he receives a letter from Jenny saying she saw him on television. She wants him to visit her and when Forrest saw that he got up and went to the bus stop. Which brings us to present day, on the bus stop bench. He is told that Jenny's address is only a few blocks away, so he got up and ran to her. When he gets their he is
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