Forrest Gump Film Analysis

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Forrest Gump is one of the greatest movies of all time.
This movie is hard to classify, it has an equal amount of common sense and emotional warmth.
It is a breathtaking balancing act between comedy and sadness, in a story rich in big laughs and quiet truths.
Tom Hanks excellent portrayal of Forrest Gump makes it easy for the audience to identify with Forrest. Hanks’ portrayal of him as a kind hearted and honest simpleton is what does the trick.
Tom Hanks does an excellent job as Forrest Gump, after seeing how he made Forrest into a person so majestic, so pure and loving, I can’t think of anyone else as Forrest.

Its hero, played by Tom Hanks, was an innocent, lovable man, Forrest Gump, who had a mental limitation, as he had a very low
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They overlook the talents an individual may have based on their intellectual level. A human has a potential to impact society in a good or bad way, it has nothing to do with their intellectual level. In the film, it was seen when Forrest saved many of his army members. He saved a gentleman that went by the name of Lieutenant Dan, who lost two of his legs. Gump put himself in danger to save another life. His intellect was a very brave one in this scenario. He had love and respect for his peers, and that is a very important quality and aspect in life. He was also a very smart businessman. He invested his money into a shrimp boat, which he then caught shrimp with , with one of his friends named Bubba. Then later on, after catching and selling many shrimp, he bought many more shrimp boats. As an effect of his shrimp business, he, along with Lieutenant Dan, invested in Apple. This film can teach us, as a society, to treat others with respect and accept that no matter the intellect level, an individual has the power to impact society. Many “normal” people are not even able to do many things that Gump had the courage to do, the most brave one being his service to the United States. Individuals in society are too quick to judge, an example of this in the film was when Forrest was going to school in Alabama, he was confronted by many bullies who made fun of him because he walked in a different way than most. They did not know that he had a special

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