Forrest Gump Movie: An Analysis

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Forrest Gump Movie: An Analysis Forrest Gump (film 1994), is an American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Robert Zemeckis, narrated and starred by Tom Hanks. The story revolved around a slow-witted but exceptionally gifted person, Forrest Gump, who happened to have participated to the many significant events that occurred in the later period of the 20th century, from 1945 to 1982. The plot started in a bus stop where Forrest Gump shared his life story with strangers who sat beside him. From being bullied in school due to his disabilities (wearing leg braces), and meeting Elvis Presley whom he taught a hip-swinging dance, to meeting Jenny, her childhood friend who was sexually abused by her drunkard father, and whom Forrest fell in love for the rest of his life. Forrest lives with his mother who loved and encouraged him despite his disabilities. Forrest discovered that he could run as fast as he could and earned a scholarship to the University of Alabama, He was named "All-American football Player" and was honored to meet John F. Kennedy. Forrest enlisted in the United States Army after graduating from college where he met "Bubba" Blue, became friends and planned to establish a shrimp business after the war. However, during the Vietnam War, Bubba was killed, while Forrest managed to save 2nd Lt. Dan Taylor who was injured and supposedly choose to die a hero like the rest of his ancestors. The Lieutenant became an amputee and hated Forrest for intervening to his

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