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Fort Lauderdale 's Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. John Michael Thomassen can use chin implants to increase the size of the chin or he can reduce the size and/or projection of a patient’s chin with a chin reduction surgery. With both of these procedures, Dr. Thomassen provides his patients with a natural-looking chin that is more proportionate to his or her other facial features.

The Chin Plays an Important Role in the Proportions of the Face

The chin greatly affects the overall appearance of the face; furthermore, the chin also plays an important role in the way the patient’s facial profile looks. For example, a chin that is proportionately too small for the other features of the face can cause the size of the nose and forehead to be exaggerated. Dr. John Michael Thomassen offers chin augmentation procedures with and without chin implants to the men and women of Fort Lauderdale, and its surrounding communities.

Chin Implants Are Used in Fort Lauderdale to Address a 'Weak ' Chin

Dr. Thomassen frequently performs chin augmentation procedures using chin implants to correct a chin that is lacking adequate projection. This chin characteristic is referred to as a 'weak ' chin. When a patient has a 'weak ' chin, his or her nose and forehead appear larger than they truly are.

Chin Implant Surgery Can Be Combined with Other Plastic Surgery Procedures

Just as with nose reshaping surgery, a chin augmentation procedure with a chin implant can make significant changes to

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