Fort Morgan High School Research Paper

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As a high school student, I am dismayed to say that I believe much of my time has been wasted fulfilling the demands of classes that were not valuable to me. I believe it would be smart to acknowledge that students may sometimes have preexisting knowledge that is adequate for a subject and that they should be allowed to “Test Out.” All schools have required classes that any student who want to graduate must pass. I have spent countless hours filling out papers and doing busy work, all of that being time that I could’ve used to pursue my personal interests or god forbid, get some sleep. I understand that this is not the usual case but I think many of my classmates would agree that they have experienced at least one class in which they didn’t learn enough to justify an entire semester or year of sitting in a desk. Fort Morgan high school is an average looking and average performing learning facility, but it houses the minds of many…show more content…
However, there are many signs that we reaffirm far more than we actually move ahead.If knowledge were bricks, and the schools were workers building a tower of knowledge for the student, what would this tower look like? In our current educational climate, the bottom level of this tower would have four or five layers of brick at the very bottom, and there wouldn’t be enough bricks for a roof. Simply put, the tower would be short, because they used all the bricks at the bottom. This is not a high achieving tower, it does not reach for the sky, nor does it demand onlookers to applaud its stature and authority. Nonetheless, it is the tower we build, and even if the student has the ability to build their tower to the sky, they may not be given enough bricks to finish. But what if they were allowed to go out and find their own building materials? What if students could test
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