Fort Stanwix : Fort Schuyler

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An important monument from the revolutionary war is Fort Stanwix, also known as Fort Schuyler. The American force’s march to Fort Stanwix inevitably led to the battle of Oriskany. The fort itself not only served as an important military post, it also allowed for an alliance with the Oneida Indians. Fort Stanwix was built on higher ground by General John Stanwix. The Fort was looking down at the Mohawk River; it was built in 1758 between the Mohawk River and Wood Creek. The British General, John Stanwix had the fort connected by the waters of New York and the Great lakes. The way the fort was set up allowed for an alliance between the Americans and the Indians. If the Americans reoccupied the fort it would essentially block off a major…show more content…
General Herkimer’s militia was comprised of 800 military men from Fort Dayton and was later augmented by Chief Honyery with 60 warriors. General Herkimer was afraid of moving forward. Herkimer did not want to move forward but the only person supporting him from the seniors’ officers was Colonel Campbell; while Klock, Vissher, Colonels Cox and Paris wanted to move forward. Colonels Cox and Paris believed that General Herkimer was being a coward. General Herkimer had sent a messenger to Fort Stanwix so that they could give a signal that everything was ok to move forward. He felt as if something was going to happen and wanted to wait until he heard the cannon blasts from Fort Stanwix. The Indian scouts also felt as though General Herkimer was doing the correct thing because he believed there would be an ambush. As they marched on peacefully, the air was filled with death. Many muskets and rifles fired, attacking the scouts. Chants and screams accompanying the attack. General Herkimer’s gut feeling was correct and as a result, the militia was ambushed which cost the lives of some of the men in General Herkimer’s militia.
General Herkimer and his men were getting closer to the ambush area. As the oxen, horses, wagons and militiamen got more ground, they were getting close to each other due to the terrain. Everyone including General
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