Forte Hotel Design

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1. Design: Using a blank Excel spreadsheet, follow Step 1 in the Conjoint Tutorial and develop a Study Design Template (ME>XL==>Conjoint==>Create Study Design Template) for Forte, using the attributes and levels from Exhibit 1. Next, follow Step 2 in the Tutorial, Create a data collection instrument, selecting "Ratings" method and "1" for the number of respondents (you). When you are done, check to be sure that your sheet looks like the "Forte Hotel Data (Conjoint, 1 Ratings)" data set in My Marketing Engineering. Then, briefly summarize the advantages and limitations of describing products as bundles of attribute options.

Please refer to the Appendix I for the creation of Study Design Template for Forte.

Bundles of
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When you are done, follow Step 4 in the Tutorial and perform a utility assessment for yourself (ME>XL==>Conjoint==>Create Study Design Template>>Estimate Preference Part Worths). Interpret your own preferences on the resulting Part Worths Sheet.

After the Estimate Preference Part Worths, it can be found that

3. Open the “Forte Hotel Data (Conjoint, 2 Partworths)” data set in My Marketing Engineering and review the Partworths developed from the respondents in this case. Based on your experiences in completing these tasks, summarize the advantages and limitations of conjoint analysis for obtaining preference data from customers.

4. Analysis: Open the Forte Hotel Data (Conjoint, 3 Analysis) data set in My Marketing Engineering, which has competed Steps 5 and 6 in the Tutorial for you. Follow Step 7 in the Tutorial, ((ME>XL==>Conjoint==>Run Analysis) and assess the viability of the four specific hotel concepts that Forte is exploring for the State College area. Base this evaluation on the preferences of a sample of 40 business travelers on that sheet (Exhibit 2) and the cost estimates summarized in Exhibit 3. The base cost to build each hotel room (without the attributes and options listed in Exhibit 3) is expected to be about $40,000 for a 150- to 200-room hotel, regardless of the mix of room
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