Fortin: Newspaper Article Analysis

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The content of the newspaper article that written by Fortin (2017) seems to be more contributed to the society while the content of blog article that written by Anna (2015) is leaking of meaning to the society. The content of the article of Fortin (2017) help to generate the awareness of society on the cases of human trafficking. For instance, Ms. Hubbard described some of the symptoms of the suspected victim. If there are any young passengers who look disoriented, refuse to make eye contact or act oddly subservient to a traveling companion. He or she might be one of the victims of human trafficking. Next, Fortin cited that “If someone is being held against their will, then a crime is being committed inside my airplane,” she said. “So it is my responsibility to make sure that these people — whose…show more content…
Whereas, the mayor need to validate the real estate project therefore the author said that the mayor is fabricated the number of victims to mislead the media. The content she has written is consider as an emotional language which is a technique use to trigger the audiences’ emotional responses. Her article might evoke the violation but not educated the public. Other might say that the author is just telling the true. She told the public that the injustice action of mayor makes false claim to them. However, even if the mayor is making the false claim but the purpose of mayor is positive. The closure of prostitution might help to reduce the amount of victims. While, the author just concerned about her job and without think on other side of the coin. Hence, the article written by Fortin (2017) is better than article written by Anna (2015) as the article of Fortin (2017) is contributed the awareness of public on human trafficking. While the article of Anna (2015) she does not contribute a positive message to the society and might mislead the audiences agree with her
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