Fortinbras in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare was an excellent writer. His plays always have deeper meanings and complex plots, but most importantly, they have wonderful characters. Every character Shakespeare creates has some kind of purpose to fulfill, important even when they are background characters with few lines or appearances. Sometimes, even though the characters have no major role in Shakespeare’s plays, they have some type of significance. In Hamlet, one of these characters is Fortinbras. The character of Fortinbras is someone with an extremely similar background to the protagonist of the play, Hamlet. One might say that Fortinbras and Hamlet are parallel versions of each other, being in the same situation even though they have a different lineage. Though he is only mentioned a few times throughout Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Fortinbras has a very important role to play. Despite being in the same situation, Fortinbras and Hamlet are almost polar opposites of each other. Hamlet tends to be philosophic; he contemplates everything that happens around him and often winds up with off the wall conclusions and conspiracy theories that borderline the realm of realistic possibilities. Fortinbras is more aggressive; he prefers to actively pursue his desires in order to receive what he wants. Their fathers are dead and both of their kingdoms are being ruled by their uncles, but each prince reacts differently to the situation that they are in. Early on in the play, Hamlet is confronted by his father’s
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