Fortitude Throughout American History

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When Americans are faced with the difficulty of making imperative decisions that can affect their country and the lives of others, they become dependent upon fortitude to help them accomplish their hopes and dreams for the future. Fortitude is something that is difficult to appreciate, even though many different societies and people throughout American history have shown fortitude in difficult situations by persevering and overcoming obstacles to achieve their goal. Fortitude is having the courage to face challenges and obstacles and persevering when things get tough; something that Americans have exemplified throughout their entire history. Even though the effort is put forward to try and appreciate fortitude, on occasion there are some…show more content…
He illustrated fortitude through throwing his parties because his obstacle that he had to overcome was getting to Daisy and he felt that this was the only way to get her to see him again. Fitzgerald expresses his social commentary in The Great Gatsby by revealing the true form of people. His charisma in the writing of The Great Gatsby gave him the ability to capture the mood of the nineteen twenties in a socially and politically vital and muddled time of American history. Through the characters in the book, he was not only able to capture an image of the upper and middle-class in the nineteen twenties, but he was also able to exemplify a series of contempt as well. Fitzgerald also made it a point in his book to show how people like Tom, Daisy and Jordan are at the “top of the totem pole” and how they liked to keep it that way. Fitzgerald also shows examples of people like Gatsby who work hard to get to the top, but are never accepted because they weren’t born into that social class. The purpose of Fitzgerald writing The Great Gatsby was to make the reader aware of the decline of the American Dream and how money and desire had exceeded the longing to achieve more virtuous goals. Fitzgerald wanted to point out that the idea of being able to have your own

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