Fossil Energy

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Dear Michael Ruppert, After I watched your documentary interview with Chris Smith in Collapse, I know how serious the environmental problem we facing is. A hundred years ago, oil improved our society tremendously through industry. It can be regarded as the most important discovery in the 20th century. In the mean time, the use of petroleum has caused a lot of trouble. Most wars after World War II happened in the Middle East because of oil, and for this reason alone,-- I think oil is a thing that causes and has caused the most serious trouble among humans in history. Now, the whole world’s population relies on oil deeply. Since the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century, it is hard to imagine how our lives would be possible…show more content…
All of these three kinds of new energy may cause more trouble than the benefits they may create. For the government, they have to develop new energy. During this year’s campaign, President Obama wants to develop new energy to create jobs. I think that is correct and the only way for America to go. To hit this target, Americans need to develop high level education to create more scientists and improve new energy technology. It will take a long time from education, find available resource, improve technology until put it into the whole market. Americans may not get benefit from it for now, but I cannot imagine how large profit they can get if they succeed in next 20 years. If American can find out a kind of new energy to substitute fossil energy totally, it will become a new supporter of economy growth. Americans can control this kind resource and set up a strong company to bring it into market, which can create millions of jobs. Usually, the owner of the resource is the same meaning of the owner of the whole world. If Americans get this new energy first, America can still roll the world for new hundred years. As I know, oil can still support Americans until 2030s. We have enough time to find the new light of the world. We still have hope. Our world may not as terrible as you said. In 1937, the beging of the war between China and Japan, which is a part of World War II, what the whole of Chinese population faced was we do not have
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