Fossil Fuel And Alternative Sources Of Energy

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Energy Policy
Jameisha Lyttle
Gwynedd Mercy University

Abstract The United States government, as well as many others around the world, have relied on fossil fuel as an energy source for a long period of time. The extraction, production, and development of these sources have contributed to the many issues with the environment. In addition to this, fossil fuel will not exist forever because there is a limited amount on earth and it cannot be restored. For this reason, the United states should consider substituting fossil fuel with alternative sources of energy. Switching to alternative source may save the Earth and may pose as a more sustainable source of energy.

Although fossil fuels have been relied on for
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Alternative energy sources can be a sufficient replacement for fossil fuel because some forms of alternative energy are recyclable and may be safer for the environment. For example, wind energy does not cause any types of pollutants that can damage the health of people all over the world. Wind Energy may be created by machines called wind turbines, that look like plane propellers on a long and steep pole. The blowing winds are able to turn its propellers to provide energy for an electric generator that distributes electric currents. These wind turbines have the strength to provide energy for any small or large business all over the world (National Geographic, n.d.). Another form of alternative energy that may provide a safer environment than fossil fuels has is solar energy. When solar energy panels are hit by a ray of sun, the material produces an electrical charge that can be transferred through a circuit to anything that is powered by electricity (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2012). These two alternative forms of energy can produce large quantities of power by using the Earth’s natural resources. This may lead to less pollution as well as protection of the Earth’s landscape in the future.
In the United States, many citizens have agreed that alternative energy sources may serve as a safer form of power. For example, a team of students from Harvard
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