Fossil Fuel : Fossil Fuels Essay

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Fossil fuels play a huge part in our nations backup power. While clean energy is becoming popular for main energy, fossil fuels are relied on for backup energy for industry and commercial buildings. Different types of fossil fuels have been used throughout history. Coal and its byproduct has been used to fuel and improve industry. While green energy is becoming the newest and cleanest form of energy, the transition between the two will have be dependent on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels play an important role in emergency energy. In industry and commercial business, power is crucial to function. From simple things like time clocks, to equipment, power is needed for production. Even after the transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy we may still rely on fossil fuels as a last resort. We are already seeing the automotive industry beginning the transition, yet still relying on fossil fuels. Cars today are being made to use generated electricity to power an automobile. When that electricity becomes low, whether it is from long distance driving or a problem with the system the fossil fuel backup kicks in to power the car. In our advancement between the two energy’s, this thought process could be used with industrial and commercial buildings. A hospital is a building that needs to be powered 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Without power their capabilities would be severely limited and could be catastrophic. We can look at other buildings that rely on power to

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