Fossil Fuel Resources For Alternative Sources Of Energy Essay

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Diminishing fossil fuel resources have prompted scientists and researchers to look for alternative sources of energy. Though several alternative sources of energy have been identified, generation of energy using combustion of fuels still remains the dominant source of energy globally [1].
In search for alternative fuels, biofuels have shown promising results to generate useful energy. However, efficient atomization of some high viscosity biofuels to yield maximum useful energy and minimise emissions is an area of research that has not been completely explored so far. As a result, liquid atomization has drawn a lot of attention among researchers over the past few years [2].
Though several different types of atomization processes are used in the industry, twin fluid atomization practices have been quite common and effective. Twin fluid atomization techniques can be broadly classified into Air Blast (AB) atomization, Effervescent Atomization (EA), and Flow Blurring (FB) atomization.
Amongst these, FB atomization technique is a very recently developed concept that has demonstrated promising experimental results with high atomization efficiency. Researchers have conducted experiments to understand the process of atomization in a FB injector as well as the spray characteristics [2].
However, a computational model has not been developed so far to complement the outcomes from practical experiments. This project was aimed at gaining further in-depth understanding of a FB injector

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