Fossil Fuels And Its Effects On Our Lives

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In today 's technological world, Fossil fuels are relied on to help us through our daily lives. From the cars we drive to the machines that manufacture the parts that build those cars, fossil fuel is a staple in most industrial nations. Thousand of years, fossil fuels have been used and The industrial revolution was when fossil fuels started to make more of an appearance. The more technologically advanced the world becomes, the higher demand there is on manufactured items. When supply and demand goes up, so does the use of fossil fuels that are used to manufacture products. However, an increase use of fossil fuels exerts chemicals into the air that pollutes and ultimately harms the air around us. This also goes for other forms of nonrenewable resources that help power items in our everyday lives. Nonrenewable sources will eventually run out and so will a lot of our ways of receiving energy. With today’s technological advances, alternative energy has become better equipped to provide us with other alternatives options of energy. These renewable forms of energy are more efficient and will always be there to provide us with our surplus of energy. The high usage of nonrenewable energy has caused problems such as supply shortages, money expenses, and pollutants, alternative energy is being put to more use. The more alternative energy is put to use, the more people question whether making an alternative energy quota requirement should be set by law. Laws are considered because
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