Fossil Fuels And Its Effects On The Environment

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Fossil fuels are finite resources that come from the earth, including sources such as petroleum, natural gas, and coal. All are used to generate electricity and power advanced industrial nations, but there is a lurking danger just under the skin of fossil fuel usage. In our homeland, the United States of America, it is obvious that all of us, in one form or another, use fossil fuels. Almost all of our kids, and their kids as well, will grow up in America and, like the current generation, use fossil fuels, unless we put an end to it now. Evidently, people care about the future of the planet. If this is so, then why should we rely on harmful fossil fuels that damage the environment? Not only is the usage of fossil fuels damaging to the environment, but they stand as an inconvenient fuel source as well. In specific, coal is commonly used for energy generation, but is the worst of all the fossil fuels. The alternatives to coal are plentiful, ranging from solar power, to wind power, and even to tidal power. These alternatives are known as renewable resources. Carbon trading and a coal tax would be highly effective in terms of reducing the impact that factories place on the globe. If motivated people of advanced nations converge and take action by focusing our resources on developing technology and materials that harness the energy readily available, a solution is already within our grasp for the encroaching danger imposed by coal usage. This is not only concerning for
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