Fossil Fuels And The Global Warming

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When a person walk into a room, flip a switch and the light is turned on, this is due to fossil fuels. When a person up your computer or laptop to surf the web or do homework, this is also due to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels control the world as we know it today from powering our electronic devices, running our cars, improving our health and taking us into the depths of space. Without fossil fuels, society would inversely live like the people before the industrial era. However, as revealed just a few decades ago, fossil fuels are not without unintentional negative consequences. Even though fossil fuels have transformed the world as we know it, fossil fuels are scarce and causes ecological destruction through pollution, fracking and global warming.
Before explaining the hazards of fossil fuels, we must investigate what fossil fuels are and what fossil fuels yield. Fossil fuels are “non-renewable resources that formed when prehistoric plants and animals died and were gradually buried by layers of rock” (Department Of Energy). These fuels are mined from the earth using methods like oil derricks and coal mines. When these fuels are burned off in plants, they produce power which is converted into energy and is sent on via power lines to millions of people. In cars and airplanes, oil is combusted in the cylinders which propels the crankshafts and runs the vehicle. As a consequence of these fuels being burned, the residues are dispersed into the air and more fuel is required to
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