Fossil Fuels Disadvantages

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Fossil fuels have been the world’s main energy source since they were discovered, however, they carry harmful side effects such as pollution and climate change. Forms of alternative energy such as solar, wind, and nuclear power are possible replacements of fossil fuel energy. Controversy surrounds both fossil fuels and alternative forms of energy due to each energy form having consequences. Some believe that alternative energy brings just as many disadvantages as fossil fuels, while others argue that alternative energy is better for the environment and its population. While people have different beliefs pertaining to alternative energy, both forms of energy have been used throughout history. Fossil fuels are created from the remains of decayed animals and plants and then burned to make energy. Coal, oil, and natural gas are examples of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels grew in popularity during the Industrial Revolution when the first coal deposits were found (Mason). This discovery prompted a new age of energy and eventually led to the use of oil, another fossil fuel. Fossil fuels continued to grow and eventually became the world’s main energy source, but burning fossil fuels gives off carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that causes climate change. The climate change created by fossil fuels produced the controversy that surrounds this form of energy. Another popular energy source is alternative energy. Alternative energy is any form of energy besides fossil fuels, such as solar, wind, and nuclear power. Similar to fossil fuels, ideas of alternative energy began during the Industrial Revolution, however, these designs were not created until the 1950s (Mason). During the 1950s, the renewable forms of alternative energy were the most popular, due to the realization that fossil fuel sources would eventually be depleted. Today, research about alternative energy is still being done as this energy source is also controversial. Alternative energy is said to be less reliable and even more dangerous than fossil fuels. Although both alternative energy forms and fossil fuels are controversial, they remain relevant in today’s world because energy is necessary in people’s daily lives. In support of alternative energy is the
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