Essay on Fossil Fuels

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Part One - Introduction Fossil Fuels are the most important energy sources in our world today. The overwhelming majority of the huge amount of energy used in the world comes from the burning of three major fossil fuels: coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Fossil fuels are a non-renewable source of energy, and there is no other . They are formed over a very long period of time; the fossil fuels on earth today were formed from plants and animals that lived up to 300 million years ago. These fossil fuels are found in deposits deep beneath the earth. The fuels are burned to release the chemical energy that is stored within this resource. Energy is essential to modern society as we know it. Over 85% of our energy demands are met by the…show more content…
Bituminous coal is jet black, very dense, and brittle. This type of coal has high heating value.
The main point of this is that all of these fossil fuels are made of hydrocarbons. It may come as a surprise that these two elements, hydrogen and carbon, can create many, many different compounds with unique characteristics. What makes hydrocarbons valuable to our society is the stored energy stored within them. The original source of this energy is all the solar energy the prehistoric organisms trapped in their bodies millions of years ago, and the energy is released by simply burning the fossil fuels.

Part Three – Uses of Fossil Fuels: Combustion, Drilling, and Refining

While Fossil fuels have been around long before humans even discovered fire, our prehistoric ancestors had no use for them. Fossil fuels first major use was to produce heat and light in the late 1800's, as well as running steam locomotives. There were early automobiles too, but these vehicles were more of a luxury than a way of life. It wasn't until the 1940's that fossil fuels were used for technological processes. The reason fossil fuels uses were developed is that engineers and inventors had government support and extra incentive to develop fossil fuel technologies, this incentive was war. World War II because it was fought nearly exclusively by mechanized warfare fossil fuel had to be developed to run the thousands of tanks and planes that dominated the war. From then on, usage and development
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