Fossil Fuels Research Paper by Timothy Mitchell

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In the research paper by Timothy Mitchell we came across a lot of issues regarding the fossil fuels specially oil and it’s by products like Petroleum, How it helped in creating possibility of democracy and also its limits. The author explains how the development of the coal industry and the dependence on the energy extracted from coal, became a reason for democratization of politics. Workers who worked in the coal mines came into a position from where all their demands were heard and also attended just because they could affect the flow of energy. Moreover there were two main reasons why we turned to oil, Firstly Oil was considered as the successor of coal and the governments also wanted to move to oil from coal so as to disable the existing powers of the workers with respect to coal. Secondly, it was organized (physically) in such a fashion so that these interruptions became more difficult. In the next section author discusses the history of the Middle East and its connections with oil. After studying and analysing this section a lot of things began to make a lot of sense. As an example considering the so-called “oil crisis” of 1973-1974 were portrayed as the Arab plot to profit their own economy actually turned out to be a crisis staged by the United States government and the oil companies, ultimately allowing for the transformation of the political landscape, towards what is now known as Neoliberalism. United States tried to recover from there economic crisis by

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