Fossil Fuels : The Source Of Energy

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Although fossil fuels are the main source of energy on Earth, there are several other forms of energy that are gaining in popularity. Alternative energy, or renewable energy, is a more environmentally and economically friendly source of energy. There are four main forms of alternative energy; solar, wind, nuclear, and hydroelectric. Each source has several different advantages over fossil fuels as well as disadvantages of use and durability. Using these renewable sources as the main provider of energy is starting to become more realistic than relying on fossil fuels. Although it may cost more to construct the technology for these sources, in the long run, they end up saving the consumer more money than fossil fuels do. These sources are starting to become more and more used throughout the planet and pretty soon, they may be the only source of energy that people have.

Although fossil fuels are the more popular source of energy to the world as a whole, there is another form of energy that has gained both in popularity and importance, alternative or renewable energy. Energy consumption is at a high rate for the consumer; so many people discuss the best form of energy and the lack of consistency people feel that renewable energy provides. The main discussion is the forms of renewable energy and which one is best. There are several advantages and disadvantages to using any of the numerous renewable energy sources. In order to discuss the forms of renewable sources,
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