Fossil Fuels : The World 's Primary Energy Resources

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Fossil Fuels such us oil, coal, and natural gas are currently the world’s primary energy resources because they originate from living things. Formed millions of years ago from the decomposition of organic materials such as plants and animal life, it is non-renewable resources that supplied U.S. and global economic development over the past century. In fact, Fossil fuel industries mine or drill for this energy resources, burn them to provide electricity. Natural gas and oil are used when it comes to heating and cooling. Oil is predominantly and most important resource responsible for transportation fuel and generate heat. Thus fossil fuels have served the mankind and are still one of the most useful tools for human existence. The world…show more content…
Research by Everett (2012) supports that coal is the primary form of energy used in the United States each day, accounting for one-third of the nation’s total energy production (Everett, 2012). It is the source of 50% of the electricity generated nationwide. It comprises 90% most abundant fossil fuel energy resource in America.

Advantages to the use of fossil fuels as energy sources
Natural Gas Research by Schimel (2007) illustrates that 98.5% of the natural gas we use in United States comes from right here in North America (Schimel, 2007). One of the advantages in using natural gas is that it benefits the environment because it burns cleanly. The chemical process for natural gas has fewer impurities; it is less chemically complex thus less byproducts are defused into the atmosphere as pollutants. It also produces LESS nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide compared to other commonly used fossil fuels. They are also economical and efficient because the natural gas is channeled directly to the people’s home through the safe, efficient pipeline system. Whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing hard, will not damage the pipeline system because it is made from steel or plastic tubes which are usually buried. Lastly, there is an abundant supply of natural gas, heats our homes, cooks our meals, provides 24% of the nation 's electricity, powers vehicles, and fuels industrial facilities.

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