Fossil Fuels Vs. Solar Energy

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Fossil fuels have depleted greatly over the last ten years causing many to wonder what the next renewable source will be to use if fossil fuels run out. A renewable source comes from natural resources which are naturally replenished and have the ability to reproduce through biological and natural process. One of those options widely discussed is solar energy, it’s power is obtained by harnessing the energy of the sun 's rays and converts light energy to generate electricity through photovoltaic or solar cells. Solar has no environmental effects and is ecologically acceptable. Solar energy is one of the few alternative renewable resources that doesn’t pollute the earth but also isn’t 100% risk free. The amount of sunlight that hits the earth in 1 minute meets the world’s energy demands for an entire year. That’s an impressive feat that even regular fossil fuels can’t compete with. Solar Energy has been around for over the past 50 years but it has been talked about longer than that, according to Je Solar, in 1447 Leonardo Da Vinci himself predicted that there would be a solar industrialization. It doesn’t just work on sunny days too as many believe as research shows even on a cloudy day or at night. It can also be used for many other technological advancements that can help power the entire world. Solar energy also saves money and is very effective to everyday life. Solar energy can be used for many every day tools such as heating, cooking, cleaning and just regular
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