Fossil Fuels vs Energy Alternatives

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How can energy be converted from one form to another? All forms of energy can be converted to another form of. For example: A pendulum is an object is suspended by a string or wire for support. If the object is moved to one side and then released, it will swing back and forth in an arc. At that moment the object reaches the top of its swing, it stops for an instant, and then begins another swing. At that instant of stopping, the object has 100 percent potential energy and no kinetic energy. The object starts back down through the swing, the object is gaining kinetic energy and losing potential energy. At the instant the object is at the bottom of the swing, it has 100 percent kinetic energy and no potential energy. As the object climbs…show more content…
The Biomass energy is an organic matter that is used by photosynthesis. This is used to generate energy and the most common energy is coming from the wood of the trees, corn, municipal solid waste, and sugarcane. The biomass is used to create ethanol, biodiesel, bio oil and biogas. This in turns create electricity with steam turbines and gasifies to produce heat. The advantage of using the biomass over the fossil fuel is that biomass is a renewable carbon source, zero net carbon dioxide emissions, lower methane, sulfate, and hydrocarbon emissions, and the most important is no dependence on foreign oil. Another is the geothermal energy, in which it uses the heat from the earth to warm things up. The common source is cost effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly. The main sources of uses are to heat homes, greenhouse, industrial process heating mineral recovery, fisheries and also mitigate global warnings. Geothermal energy is more valuable than the fossil fuels because it is an inexhaustible energy source, lot less emissions in the atmosphere, more efficient than solar energy, work under any kinds of weather conditions. The fossil fuels are irreplaceable, create massive environmental pollution and are also causes the major factor of the global warming and the ozone layer depletion. Also the Biomass and the Geothermal are very inexpensive compare to the fossil fuels by almost 50 percent.

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