Foster Care And Adoption Is More Common Than Not

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Children roam around in schools, at work, on the playground, in the malls, and anywhere else a child would like to be. Young children are often accompanied by an adult, of which one would assume to be their parents or primary caregivers.In 2007 forty-eight million americans had considered adoption. Foster care has a goal, it is to help children in need be safe for the time being and try to reunited these children with their biological parents. Believe it or not foster care and adoption is more common than not. Many myths go around making children dread the system when in all reality the system is a support system there to help those children in need. Once the child is in a placement with a foster family, their ultimate goal is to provide the child in a safe, loving, nurturing environment until then can be reunified with their parents. These children get use to their foster family, some even grow rather fond of them and are attached, is it right to take away the only family they have ever really truly known? This can cause emotional arousal and distress on the child and the foster family.
There are many people in the world who for some reason do have have the ability to have children. This does not mean they should not be a parent or that they cannot be a parent. Many of these families consider being foster parents or even adopting children so they can experience parenthood. Not everyone is meant to be a foster parents, although it is relatively easy to become a foster

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