Foster Care Crisis : The Mirror For Society

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Brittany King
Adrian Chevraux-Fitzhugh
Soc 305
26 April 2014
Foster Care Crisis: The Mirror for Society
"There can be no keener revelation of a society 's soul than the way in which it treats its children." –Nelson Mandela America idolizes youth, dubbing it a time of freedom, innocence, and incorruptible joy. However, approximately 400,000 foster kids in the US might understand childhood as something very different (Children’s Bureau).To them, youth may represent chains to an unstable, corrupt system as it unsuccessfully works to decide their futures. It may also represent a period of indefinite circumstances, isolation, and continual change. The Foster Care crisis isn’t just a few poor government policies that affect the tangible elements of our society; it is a crisis that impacts the personal lives of many individuals. Minorities, Women, LGTB have all fought to ensure their rightful place and voice in society. Now it’s up to America to fight for those who cannot start their own movements, create their own bills, and overcome their silence. What we do for our foster children will reflect the true nature of our values. What we do for our foster children, we do for ourselves.
Historical Background The first foster care program emerged in 1853 under the name “The Placing Out System” of New York created by Charles Loring Brace in efforts to deplete the overcrowded institutions and orphanages (McDonald 23). By 1923, thirty-four other states established similar
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