Foster Care Has Been A Forgotten, Ignored Topic, But It

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Foster care has been a forgotten, ignored topic, but it is the reality for tons of children across the world. This fact brings up the question, should every human be allowed to have children? On one hand, some argue that it is a human’s right and instinct to have children. On the contrary, others argue that many people are incapable, too uninformed, and unstable to raise children, but it certainly doesn’t stop them from having them. This way of living is the primary source of why more and more children are ending up in foster care, which fits this statistic that, “There are more than 400,000 children in foster care today, up from 270,000 in the early 1980s” (Jost 1). All these children are all coming from the same common factor, “child…show more content…
These couples will then provide a comfortable home, love, and care for eternity (Jost 2). This image in many ways is false. Foster care children are often neglected and abused from former residences, with heavy emotional trauma. Many times when children get adopted, they are put back into repeating situation patterns of torment and pain. It seems that these children are traveling down a fated road and have no directions on how to get back home. Where does this road start? To sum it up, it starts with unplanned pregnancies, drug, and alcohol, homeless, abused and neglected households which are the main linking factor for foster care children (Jost 20). It is appalling to acknowledge that people like this are bringing children into the world to only provide them instability and empty voids. Some may argue it is indeed a human’s right to reproduce but is it truly? What gives people the right to execute these actions, knowing only to corrupt their child? Sadly, it’s hard to justify human instincts or selfish desire. From Emerging, the author Francis Fukuyama states that “only human beings can formulate, debate, and modify abstract rules of justice” (152), meaning that humans can do as they please no matter the consequence because humans consider themselves supreme and above. In an argument against this statement, can all humans fall under this belief and consciousness? The people who treat children like animals, they
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