Foster Care Research Essay

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ABSTRACT This paper is a summary of what research has been done in the field of foster care. It will focus on foster care social workers, foster care parents, children in foster care, etc. In this work there will also be reference to aspects of adoption and foster care together. This paper will encompass all parties affected by foster care and will ultimately talk about what qualities are expected of social workers who work in foster care. America is facing daily challenges when it comes to abortion, children with no place to go, the foster care system, adoption agencies, social services department, and just ultimately not knowing how to continue to better such a large amount a people who continue to multiply. Foster Care Social…show more content…
A very important quality when it comes to a social worker following through is that they should always do what they say they are going to do, when this is not done insecurity rises in the relationship between the social worker, child, and foster family that is hard to fix. When working with children in the foster care this is also very important because a social worker should never become like all the rest of the people in that child’s past that didn’t follow through. Another important asset a social worker should have is being prepared to listen and offer encouragement. Encouragement is a gift that is given to particular people as a spiritual gift, but this does not mean other who may not “have” this gift can’t encourage another; it may just be harder for them to find the words. A social worker must choose to be an encouragement and not the opposite. The social worker must also take account of the family’s needs and circumstances, he or she cannot just place a child in a home without seeing what the family’s needs are. For the child, the social worker must attend to interests and needs and involve the foster family in this whenever it is appropriate. By doing this both the child and foster family will see that the child is your first concern, but by adding in the families when possible it shows that the social worker wants to work together with all parties. Some other
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