Foster Care Uncovered Essay

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Foster care is an agency that takes in more than 250,000 children EVERY year. With this many children entering the system every year; the amount of problems on finding the right caregiver for the child increases tremendously. When these problems are created there are many effects that can happen to the child that can last short-term and unfortunately long-term. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions for these problems that everyone can do so that everyone's position is improved. Foster care agencies can create negative situations due to the selection of the caregiver and the plethora, deluge, profusion, surplus, vast, prodigious, immense of problems that are created; however, there are several pathways that either party can take to…show more content…
al 88). Unfortunately when these events take place for the foster parent, then they can possibly take their anger out on the foster child. When the foster parent neglects or abuses the foster child then a wide array of short-term and especially long-term problems are created for the child. Due to the selection of unacceptable or inappropriate foster parents the foster child can experience many difficulties and disadvantages during and later on in their lives. Even before children will enter into the foster care system most will experience maltreatment which is the main reason that children will be put into the foster care system (Salazar 140). This fact is unfortunately ironic due to the fact that once many children enter into foster care they will experience neglect and maltreatment from their appointed foster parents! Many children will average about five to six years in the foster care system and go through about four to seven homes (Salazar 140). This is unfortunate mainly because many children need a stable home to live in order to have a productive life, and if any child desperately needed a stable home it would be kids in the foster care system. Unfortunately, many children in the foster care system will have attended as many as eleven schools by the time they reach their senior year in high school (Williamson 62). This is mainly
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