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Foster Creek Post Office Case Study

Background of Case

This case is about an experienced city postal carrier who has recently filled a position at a small town post office and has difficulty adjusting to a different way of life. The central characters include: Larry (the postmaster of Foster Creek), Jim (a senior carrier) and George (a senior carrier). The Foster Creek Post Office exists in a small town and the typical way of life is carried through at the post office. Harry has arrived at Foster from a fast-paced big city post office. Upon his arrival Harry is introduced to his new co-workers where he gives a shy hello and immediately begins his regular duties. Harry expresses no interest in becoming socially involved with Foster
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Harry was neither provided with a sufficient background of Foster Creek. He has been conditioned by his previous “big city” job and is now experiencing a culture shock from his new environment. He is unfamiliar with the small town pace of Foster Creek, which is evident by his early completions of his routes and casing mail for other carriers. Harry needs to become accustomed to Foster Creek’s small town life and needs to be accepted by his co-workers by either participating in office activities such as the fund or by his co-workers learning more about Harry.

Analysis of Senior Carriers (Jim and George)

Jim and George appear to have a significant impact on the operations of the Foster Creek Post Office due to their number of years served and their involvement socially with the rest of the office. They are fully content with their jobs and the daily routine of the post office and will most likely be the most rebellious of any change. The greatest source of immediate conflict exists between Harry and the senior carriers. Jim and George most likely view Harry as a disruption to their daily easygoing routine that they have practiced for years. Harry’s speed and efficiency most likely threatens Jim and George into believing they will have to eventually meet the same standards. Being set in their ways, Jim and George may also believe that the Foster Creek Post Office is going out of its way to adjust to

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