Fotopoulos BA200 F14 Syllabus 2

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University of Illinois at Chicago

Managerial Communication
BA200 CRN 36796
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9am-9:50am, TH 117
BA200 CRN 10868
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12pm-12:50pm, BH B10
BA200 CRN 10869
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1pm-1:50pm, BH B10

Instructor: Maria Fotopoulos
Office: UH 2245
Office Hours: MWF 9:50am-11:50am
Email: or ~Include your name, BA200, time of class, in the subject line of every e-mail Email or BlackBoard (Message link) is the best way to contact your instructor.
I. Course Objective
This course introduces the fundamentals of communication in a corporate environment. The topics to be discussed include, but
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Even if you use another email provider, you must check your UIC email account. You will miss valuable information if you do not. Do not rely on any forwarding function; if too many people forward their UIC email to another provider, the other provider considers it spam and blocks all email originating from the UIC sender. If you don’t use email at all, then you should begin doing so, and check your UIC email account a minimum of 3-4 times per week.

E. Printing/Assignments:
Much of this course requires your submitting papers you have written (hard-copies of assignments, reports, PowerPoint slides) and copies of research you have done for each presentation (e.g., copies of pages from reference materials such as journals, books or magazines). Plan appropriately for this: not having sufficient funding in your student account for copying purposes is not an acceptable excuse for not submitting required assignments.

III. Grading
Remember, your instructor does not give you a grade – you earn your grade.
A. Graded Assignments
Individual & Group Discussions (online or f2f, 10 pts each) 130
Small Assns (16 assns X 30 pts each) 480
Large Assns (4 assns X 50 pts each) 200
Project 1—Informational Interview Report 100
Project 2—Cultural Team Training Report & Presentation 150
a. (Report=100pts, PPT=50pts)
Project 3—Final Chgo Company Formal Report & Presentation 200
b. (Report=120pts, PPT=50pts, Speech
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