Foucault Surveillance

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Habermas believed communication was a major factor in the development of the individual based on “communicative action.” Habermas central metaphor for grasping sociology is communication, and asserts the "self" is a product of social interaction. Thus the individual is not merely a product of the whole society as ascribed by (Durkheim), or capitalism according to (Marx) nor self-motivating schemes as theorized by (Weber). Habermas says the individual is a part of face to face interactions, and what makes a person cannot be seen merely through the study of rationalization or capitalism. Habermas says “just focus on interactions, because we are products of on-going interactions."(p.) Habermas divided his theory of “communicative action”…show more content…
In his book “Discipline and Punish”, Foucault theorizes that we live in “disciplinary society,” and that power exercised through disciplinary means is found in modern day institution i.e. schools, Universities, prisons, the military and hospitals. Focalult says “classical times discovered the body as a target of power to be manipulated, trained, which obeys, responds, becomes skillful and increases in forces” (p.136) Focalult states through the historical moment of discipline came the art of controlling the body. Which formed a policy coercion that acted on the body, and breaking it down. Thus Foucault says discipline makes practiced and subjected bodies “ docile bodies” that increase economic terms of utility and diminishes the body in terms of domination i.e. the body becomes a vessel of aptitude and capacity and a relation of complete subjection” Foucault states “if the economic exploitation separates the force and the product of labor, he would say disciplinary coercion establishes in the body a link between the increased aptitude and increased domination.(Foucault p.138) A blueprint for of general disciplinary methodology that overlapped, repeated and transformed spilling from education, to prisons, hospitals to the workplace according to the disciplines domains of application.
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