Foucault 's Theory Of Individual Power And Knowledge

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Foucault’s Theory “The Burning Bed” Foucault’s Theory of Individual Power and Knowledge have allowed one to see the other side of arguments with more posing questions. Domestic Violence is now resulting in a spouse being labeled with the brand of “battered woman’s syndrome” and it opens the door for a many unanswered questions, and is debatable at best. In the case of Francine Hughes Wilson, “The Burning Bed” shed new light on the ever growing problems within a domestic abusive relationship and gave way to social change, knowledge and empowerment within such situations. One must question if “Battered Women’s Syndrome” is a mental illness or an excuse for murder without consequences due to a momentary lapse of judgment. Based on actual case law and a movie entitled “The Burning Bed” that starred Farrah Fawcett as real life Francine Hayes, a battered woman on trial for murder suffering with “battered woman’s syndrome” , “The Burning Bed” shocked the world with its premiere in 1984 which critically exposed many flaws in the legal and industrial institutions. This movie with not without controversy as it revealed to America and the world the brutal reality which exists in America and was experienced trough Francine Hughes own account and the subsequent court hearing where she was charged with murdering her abuse former husband. Francine Hughes had been raped and beaten by her former husband just hours prior to her burning him alive. Ms. Hughes poured gasoline around
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