Foundation Core Units Multiple Choice Test Essay

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Foundation Core Units Multiple Choice Test Section 1 Developing Yourself as an Effective HR/L&D Practitioner Question 1 “Effective HR professionals really have to succeed by understanding the business, the market and the customer as well as the Chief Executive or the Marketing Director. It’s about understanding what the organisation would look like if it was really humming, really succeeding. Translating that back into culture, working practices, learning, motivation, reward, selection – those are the strategic choices…to make” - Geoff Armstrong, CIPD. Aside from this, what other skills and qualities do you think are necessary for HR professionals today? Being able to distance yourself from staff, as HR are a separate entity…show more content…
Page 2 of 11 Researching and developing textbooks dealing with strategies for Organisational Design Coaches and advises managers in the optimisation of current team design to improve performance and communication Leads the overall architectural design strategy of the organisation at the highest level, including the development of key design principles for use across the organisation Engages leaders in improving organisational performance by optimising organisation structure Question 5 Which of the following are appropriate activities for Level 3 in the Professional Area of Organisational Development? Supports a change-ready culture by anticipating barriers and obstacles and working to remove them Awaits for developments or changes in an organisation Coaches human resources colleagues in supporting and driving change Collaborates with leaders and human resources managers to evaluate and understand the capacity and
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