Foundation Of American Mindset : Prompt Three

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Jordan Rainey Roberts APLANG 11 January 2016 Foundation of American Mindset: Prompt Three American history is full of powerful people that influence the history of the America and the actions taken to stand up for what the citizens believe in. Patrick Henry is one of America 's most influential people that took a stand for what he believed in when he presented the Speech to the Second Virginia Convention. Another influential person is Thomas Paine when he wrote the Crisis No.1. Although the Crisis was meant to be read, it was read aloud to unify the troops and boost morale. Henry and Paine both build their arguments and points using ethos, pathos, logos, personification, and strong imagery to appeal to their audiences, while using similar rhetorical devices to achieve their goal. In Patrick Henry 's speech he is addressing the Second Virginia Convention, Henry is trying to convince the colonists that they should be preparing for war if Britain does not meet the colonists demands. Although he emphasizes that he is patriotic towards Britain, he has a different view on how to handle the conflict. Patrick does not immediately discredit the audience but tries to show them a different viewpoint. He references the bible saying, "different men often see the same subject in different lights" (Henry). He then builds his ethos by expressing his religious passion. Henry states "I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery" (Henry), he uses 'it ' to tell the
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