Foundation Of Russia Essay

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Evaluating the factors that form the Russian way of life. Since the beginning of civilization, the world has not been a stranger to powerful nations. From the great empire of Rome to the profound Nation of the United States of America, it is within human nature to grow and long for the desire of power. Whether it be for the ambition to protect its people or to dominate resources, Nations have always desired for a stronger society. This brief essay will address the past and present foundation of Russia. In order to properly anticipate the actions of other Nations, it is essential to analyze the past and present. Knowing the past will generate a stronger understanding of the future to come. Furthermore, the upcoming paragraphs…show more content…
With these statistics in mind, the culture and political structure have also been under prolonged change. Moscow is the famous capital of Russia, and currently is the house of the federation government. The constitution was adopted on the 12th of December, 1993 based on a civil law legal system. Looking back in history, “the Russian Federation was the largest nation to emerge from the break-up of the Soviet Union in December 1991. Following the constitutional crisis of 1993, Russia adopted a new constitution in a referendum of December 1993. Essentially the country is described as a federal presidential republic” (Darlington, 2016). The President, with the approval of the Duma, appoints the Prime Minister which is first-in-line to the presidency in the case of the President's death or resignation. The Duma is the lower house in the Russian Federal Assembly. The upper house is called the Federation Assembly with a total of 170 members. United Russia is the main political party, founded in April of 2001. In present time, the Russian political system remains a growing product, while Vladimir Putin currently remains as a strong influencer. Rumors and assumptions strongly lean towards a corrupted political system. As Vladimir Putin holds strong influence of the political system, it would be easy to alter the current structure of Russia according to his
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