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Foundation Simulation Final Report

MANA 4322 – Organizational Strategy


2015 Annual Report

Sensors, Inc.’s Mission Statement:
The Mission of Sensors, Inc. is to provide high quality sensors to the electronic sensor industry for distribution world wide. Sensors will produce a variety of sensors in both the High and Low Tech markets using established market specific R&D methods and price them competitively within this highly competitive market. Sensors is committed to producing products that have excellent designs and quality attributes.

Original Strategy:
At the outset of incorporation, Sensors, Inc.’s management decided that it would concentrate on a strategy of being a Cost Leader with Product Lifecycle Focus. In this
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These budgets funded the marketing department’s efforts to advertise our products. We felt that advertising was important, how else would our customers know about our products and services, we didn’t want to leave anything to chance and have our customers just stumble across our product.
Round 1 – ending December 31, 2009
This is the year/round that things became interesting. I was hired as CEO to run the business and make the strategic decisions. Working with key personnel within the company, we decided that we wanted to make sure we had products in both markets. Since we only had the one product, Able, which I had inherited from my predecessor, we decided we needed another product, so we invented Ace. Able was repositioned slightly and Ace was positioned to attract customers from both market segments. We increased both our sales and promotional budgets to get our name out in front of our customers. Apparently our customers liked our product so well, they bought everything we had produced as well as all inventories that were left over from last year, thus we stocked out. We lost critical sales to the other companies within our industry. For this year, we could only sell our Able product because Ace had not come out of R&D yet.
Able did generate interest in both of the markets, as we had hoped, with most of the interest, and
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