Foundation of Education

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Philosophy Of Education

What is the goal or the purpose of education? What is education for?

My definition of education would be to learn or to gain knowledge of something

through the teaching of others or through ones self. One of the definitions from

the Webster's dictionary states that education is the activities of educating or

instructing or teaching, activities that impart knowledge or skill. Both

definitions of education appeal me the most important two words that deals with education are teach and learn. My first introduction here will be about the teaching process of education. Why do we teach? By definition Teachers are leaders, and simply put: leaders lead.

Teachers lead their students through and to the path of
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Assessment by definition is formal attempts to determine students' knowledge, skills, and attitudes students must attain in order to master a subject matter. Teacher's should assess or measure students capability to grasp a more precise concept or knowledge of what a student is capable of doing. It should be measured not only by grasping of concept but also the time is takes a student to grasp full knowledge. Learning should be evaluated on how well a student shows that he or she attained a certain subject. After seeing a students assessment whether it be good or bad a teacher should convey it to the student's parents because if it's a situation that the child might need additional help the parents would now know that they would have to get the help so to better help their child. How will I teach? Being in many classrooms and seeing many teaching methods both good and bad, answering that question is very easy. I will teach knowledge and skills to my students the best way I can demonstratively project my subjects so to help better my students future. I will apply what I know in real life settings to improve my students livelihood. In projecting tutoring, I will would make well rounded and conscientious foundation decision's about teaching so my students can achieve to the best of their ability.
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