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Foundation of Mythology Short Answers Philip Calio Hum 105 5/22/2013 Elisabeth Nicholes Foundation of Mythology Short Answers “It’s a Myth.” A term commonly used today but what does it mean? It is a term used to describe the questions humans cannot answer such as the explanation of the meaning of the universe or why we are here. Myths reflect human nature, with its needs and desires, hopes and fears (Rosenberg, 2006). Academically myths are studied to understand the anthropology of past cultures. My definition of a myth is tales or stories passed down from generation to generation that gives us our beliefs and guiding principles which we use to determine how we will interact with the world. Myths from different cultures…show more content…
Religion and mythology are intertwined as many cultural religious beliefs were and are based on mythological stories. The bible is a historical pass down of stories or myths as it relates to Christianity. These myths or religious teachings are important to humans and their ability to cope with their daily tribulations because it gives them a sense of someone or something greater than them that they hope will guide them through whatever they are dealing with. This was evident with prisoner-of-war who initially went into captivity as atheists and found out they needed to believe in something greater and came out of captivity having found some type of religion. Mythology still holds a place in today’s contemporary pop culture because if you look at the things people do in their lives you will still see mythological influences in them. Such as, a newlywed couple may have dreams of the stereotypical desire of a large house, large family with the proverbial “white picket fence” around it. This couple may not have ever experienced any of that yet cultures has passed down the idea of that being the pinnacle of a successful marriage and family and if you get that, than you are almost guaranteed happiness. The truth is that many will never reach anything close to that because of external in internal changes to that couple. Although in American society today, we assume people are more educated and less

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