Foundations For Doctoral Study Business

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Leadership - Trust and Communication
Foundations for Doctoral Study in Business
Week 5
Teresa Kay Frogue
Dr. J. Scott

Introduction All Organizations have leadership. Effective leadership is crucial to setting and meeting goals and maximizing the efficiency of all organizational resources such as staff and equipment.
Effective leaders provide motivation, guidance, create confidence, and create work environments that effective and efficient. Effective leaders research, plan, and implement tools that will benefit the team and ultimately, the organization as whole. More leaders of organizations are now turning to resources such as electronics that will allow them to make the most of resources available. Modern
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The number of organizations that have implemented virtual teams has increased over the last couple of decades. The market place has become global and many corporations now conduct business on several continents.(Germain, 2011) Virtual teams are an important part of doing business on a global scale. Virtual offices and teams must have two important elements: trust and respect. Without those two elements the virtual office environment is doomed to fail.
Trusting and Respecting Team Members In order for virtual employees, teams, and offices to be successful, there must be an element of trust and respect among employees and leaders. Without the element of trust among the team members and leadership trust of team members, there will be incentive to be creative and innovative. Trust is a two way street. The American Psychological Association conducted a survey, 2014 Work and Well-Being Survey that found that survey only half of workers believe their employer is open and upfront with them. The survey also found that 1 in 3 reported that their employer is not always honest and truthful with them.(Bethune, 2014) These are troubling numbers that leaders must address. Leaders must trust team members in order to gain trust themselves. Trust is a bond between leaders and their teams and depends on the form and
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