Foundations of Leading Innovation

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Foundations of Leading Innovation Capella University Introduction This paper examines the leadership practices of managing change and employee development and how they support organizational innovation, analyze how discovery skills support innovation and successful innovators, and explore the author’s own strengths and weaknesses in using discover skills and the leadership practices of managing change and employee development. An organization that develops and fosters the right leadership culture has a competitive advantage over organizations that do not embrace the benefits of a strong leadership culture. Developing and fostering a culture of high performing, innovative leaders at all levels of an organization is more beneficial…show more content…
12)”. Communication is the key strength of a high performing organizational leader. They manage change by designing a plan and then communicating it to all concerned before putting the plan into action. This is done with the same strategic focus and planning that was used to develop the plan. This is an effort that is carefully coordinated and implemented change in order to not run the risk of the planned change failing. Transformational Leaders develop clear and effective strategy along with a communication plan in order to effectively manage the intended changes. (Wilson, 2014, pg. 39, 40) states that the most effective and successful leaders will meet to discuss and document their answers to the, what why, who, when, and how of change. Managing change and innovation are interconnected and in that in order to be innovative, a fundamental change in thinking and the way business is conducted is necessary. Innovation requires a break from the way things were done and requires a new way of thinking that will require new skills and organizational alignment. This new way of doing business is often met with resistance and this is where a transformational leader who can manage his employees through change and explain the vision is most successful. Employee Development Employee development involves

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