Foundations of Psychology Paper

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Running Head: FOUNDATIONS OF PSYCHOLOGY PAPER Foundations of Psychology Paper PSY/300 November 7, 2011 Betsy Ferronato Foundations of Psychology Paper * This paper will discuss the major schools of thought in psychology and examine their major underlying assumptions. The paper will also identify the primary biological foundations of psychology linked to behavior. According to our reading in psychology is the scientific investigation of mental processes and behavior. Mental processes include how a person thinks, feels, remembers as well as a person’s behavior. When a doctor needs to understand a person they need to know the person’s biology, psychological experience, and cultural context. What people experience during…show more content…
* * A person’s physical body plays a vital role in how they behave. The nervous system carries signals to and from the brain, the spinal cord, glands, and muscles. Our nerve endings also are stimuli receptors; transmit a signal to the brain. When this happens it causes neurons inside the brain to be activated which produces a reaction. This reaction can be a muscle to contract or relax, or it might be to tell a gland to produce adrenalin it stressed or scared. The genetic make-up of a person will influence how the brain will react to different stimuli. The environment the person was raised in and previous experiences also play a factor. If a person has a disease or has had a brain injury then the signals may not carry as well to the brain or nervous system as well. An example is a person with Multiple sclerosis (M.S.) the signals do not always travel a smooth and straight path from the nervous system to the brain. * Reference: Kowalski, R., & Westen, D. (2009). Psychology (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Multiple Sclerosis. (2011). Retrieved on November 7, 2011 from Nervous System. (2011). Retrieved on November 7, 2011 from
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