Foundations of the Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System Shelby Goodwin Professor Debra Shiftlett-Picardi Foundations of the Criminal Justice System Search Warrant Issue Process and Fourth Amendment Requirements The Search Warrant is known as an order being written and issued from the officials of the court. The warrant bestows the officer full authority to find a person at a particular place while looking for particular objects and to take possession if objects are found with the person. As per the criminal court, the constitution of a specific state can be the basis on which search warrants can be sought. Search Warrants objects comprises of commission of crimes along with stolen goods and other things such as black marketing, narcotics and smuggling.…show more content…
This includes the announcements from police bulletins as well as information coming from the informants. Evidence in the form of Circumstantial This comprises of indirect evidence which aids in detection of crime while not fully proving it. The probable cause sources are enough in some cases while for others further information or evidence needs to be provided. If the judge wants to issue search warrants, then the probable cause must highlight that the person got involved in criminal activity and the crime has taken place. For searches without a warrant, then its mandatory to comply with standards of probable cause is the court. Even the searches being made for a criminal cannot be made without the existence of a proper probable cause. Therefore the officers don’t have the right to lawfully carry on searching and arresting people without having the proper probable cause with them. Searches Rationale for Warrantless Issues The legal right is with the officers which allows them to search passenger compartments which are found in the suspect’s vehicle. If officer feels that adequate suspicion exist, they have every right to conduct limited suspect search. Vehicles can be searched by the officials without a warrant, if they have the probable cause with them as per the fourth amendment. The seizure and search of the criminal will be
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