Founding Fathers Accomplishments

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The American Revolution, a war fought by the colonists in the hopes of attaining freedom, recognition, and independence. The Founding Fathers did all they could to ensure these goals were accomplished and the fruits of their labor were enjoyed by everyone. George Mason wrote the Declaration of Rights, Thomas Jefferson was “The Father of the Declaration of Independence”, James Madison was “The Father of the Constitution”, Benjamin Franklin contributed to nearly all of the early documents, and George Washington, “The Father of Our Country, commanded the American troops during the American Revolution. The (incomplete) list of accomplishments of the Founding Fathers are incredible, and they definitely deserve the abundant, almost excessive, amounts of praise they receive to this day. With the constant talk about The Founding Fathers, it easy to overlook and/or undermine other key figures who also bravely stood up for the country and contributed to the founding of this nation. However, a few do raise the important question, “What about The Founding Mothers?”. The truth is there were countless women advocating for the same rights and values their male counterparts were. Unfortunately, just as generations before and after the American Revolution have done, many seem to ‘forget’ the ever-so-important achievements of the talented women. The vital roles women played in society ranged from caring for the children and the home to the managing the local businesses while the men were
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