Founding of the United States

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Ever since America gained its independence there have been various factors that have immensely contributed to economic, social and political development. These aspects took place at different times and each of these events contributed to development on its own special way. Generally the development we have in the United States is a result of various occurrences that have happened in the past centuries that influenced and changed peoples’ way f thinking and also influenced their behavior thus the development. These particular period were characterized by influential political leaders and also strong statesmen who able to offer the right leadership and guidance in these periods. These period are; American Revolution, Jefferson Era, Americas Economic Revolution and the Civil War.
The American Revolution took place between 1775-1783 and is popularly known as the American war of independence and is considered by many scholars to be one of the most important and iconic wars of all time. It was a fight between the British and its 13 colonies. These 13 colonies were fighting for basic human rights such as, liberty, freedom of press the right of speech and also favorable tax systems among other rights (Allison 2011). This particular war was significant and important, as it was able to deliver the United States of America from a colony into a fully independent nation. Another importance of this particular war is that it helped to cripple the superiority complex that the British
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