Four Basic Elements Of Hirschi's Social Bond Theory

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Hirschi’s social bond theory is made up of four basic elements; attachment, commitment, involvement and belief. The element of attachment has to do with one’s involvement in society, and the bonds they form with others. Social bond theory is based on the idea that deviancy occurs in an individual when social connections are weak or non-existent, the element of attachment has to do with the bonds one forms with individuals or institutions. Attachment acts as an indirect control factor, as attachment determines one’s status in society, which in turn determines how much social capital one possesses. Attachment is largely influenced by one’s parents, interpreted as children “inheriting” social capital from their parents based on the level of …show more content…

Hirschi’s social bond theory differs from his self control theory, as his social bond theory has to do with external factors rather than internal. Social bond theory sees the social control factor as fluid, whereas self-control theory sees it as stagnant. Self control theory has to do with the individual, and their internal beliefs which are “cemented” in their upbringing. Social bond theory sees beliefs as fluid, based on the interactions that occur over an individuals lifespan. The two theories basically see crime as an internal vs external factor, stemming from the individual’s experiences. 2. I believe early intervention programs in schools would be effective, as they help children form social bonds with their peers, thus integrating them into the elementary school institution. Students spend most of their lives in school, developing a strong attachment to the institution and their peers would help strengthen their conventional beliefs, as school is a conventional institution. As one’s conventional beliefs are strengthened, the possibility of deviance is greatly reduced due to the influence of taught morals and strong social bonds. Integrating one into a conventional institution such as a school would prove to be very effective, based on social bond theory. Supporting two-parent families would also be effective, as a two-parent environment would lead to a higher level of attachment. As one would have a higher level of attachment with their

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